Gareth Monaghan - illustration and Logo design


Hey, my name is Gareth Monaghan. I am a freelance illustrator and artist.

I have been drawing since I was a child, where I would put on my Jurassic Park VHS and create strange creatures and characters to inhabit my own theme parks. My Jurassic Park VHS warped from overuse - I moved on to DVD - and gained an Art A-level. At university I learned more about digital art, how to 3D model, and began my love affair with Adobe suite.

I ran a webcomic for several years called Smolemon which saw a hotel full of octopuses going on adventures. I also released a short digital comic book (which reached number one in digital comic downloads on the Amazon store). On top of that, I have been creating logos and website designs for customers over the last decade.

I now create anything that I can get passionate about - a few recent examples - band art, posters, logos, T-shirts, and unique personalised gifts.

Get in touch with me if you have a project you want to discuss (or if you just want a chat - thats cool too).

...and in case you were wondering - I'm onto Jurassic Park Blu-Ray now, yet to buy the 4K version.

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